St. Martin Caritas
St. Martin Caritas

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Bishop Antal Majnek ordained a married Deacon

Double celebration was organized at the Cathedral of Mukachevo on 27 October. Bishop Antal Majnek ordained Laszlo Megyeshi as a permanent Deacon and remembered for the first anniversary of rededication of our cathedral.


Requiem mass in Mukachevo for the victims of the plane crash

On Monday morning, July 21, bishop Antal Majnek presented a requiem mass for the victims of the plane crash which happened on Thursday. As he said: the victims died suddenly and unexpectedly, and that is why there is a particular need in the prayers of our church. The bishop also prayed together with the believers for the parents of the victims, who are experiencing a great pain now, and for the perpetrators who strongly need repentance, as their salvation is in danger.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, dear Compatriots!

To our greatest sorrow, the call of the Ukrainian churches for peace was not listened. The carnage continues, people are dying, violence persists. We call all our faithful for prayer and fasting. Prayer and sacrifices are our first and most powerful tools. We call everyone to beg constantly for the mercy of God who can help our suffering country.

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Antal Majnek bishop’s call to the believers of Mukachevo Diocese

„Why was Jesus killed?!” –resounds the question in my head  which was asked by a little Jewish boy who came into a catholic church about 30 years ago. His young, kind parents couldn’t answer this question. He ran to me, took my hand, pulled me to the big cross and asked me the same – why? Did he do anything bad? No, he didn’t – I replied, - he did only good to everybody. Then I don’t understand – continued the boy painfully –, why?

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March for Life in Mukachevo

On the Day of Child Protection, 1 June, two events were organized in Mukachevo for the second time: a day of prayer for unborn babies and the March for Life to the gynecology clinic where abortions are done. With this event, we would like to speak out for the protection of unborn babies who have been created by God but did not get the right to live.

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