St. Martin Caritas
St. Martin Caritas

Hungarian Catholic Church

Blessing of Renovated Parish Church in Rativci

Blessing of the parish church in Rativci was administered on 19 September 2010. The renovation procedure has become a great example of Christian collaboration:

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 International Meeting of Altar Servers in Rome

The consecutive international meeting for altar servers was held on 3-4 August 2010 in Rome. 40 participants from Subcarpathia - Roman and Greek Catholics - attended the event.

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Camp for Altar Boys in Okruhla

The summer camp for altar boys in Okruhla started on July 19. More than 30 altar boys and animators were camping together from all over the Diocese of Munkács. Among the campers were little ones (eight-year-olds) who had just started their service at the altar as well as 18-year-olds who had been serving for several years.

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Golden Jubilee Mass in Bereghovo

Father Béla Bohán SJ, parish priest of Bereghovo, celebrated his golden jubilee mass in the church of Bereghovo on August 1st. Bishop Antal Majnek and some of the Hungarian priests from the Diocese attended the celebration of the 50th anniversary. Father Béla came to Subcarpathia to serve as a missionary in 1989

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