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St. Martin Caritas

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Modern ecological challenges that concern society are also important for the Church, as our faithful are a part of this society. The Church, relying on Christian ecological teaching, believes that responsible and honest decisions regarding the development of various types of energy  - and the arrangement of the plans for the construction of wind turbines on the Polonyna Borzhava in particular - should be made on the basis of a broad civil consensus based on proper scientific studies.

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of the Nature Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) project
“Alliance of religious and public organizations
to protect the climate of Eastern Europe”
Synevyr, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
September 2, 2018

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Malenkij Robot in Transcarpathia

At the end of 1944, by defiling the front line and calming down weapons brought the Transcarpathian Hungarians and Germans not the era of peace and calmness but a period when they had to face up further hardships. According to the created Doctrine of Collective Guilt - which declared the collective guilt of Germans and Hungarians - and the consequences of the lost World War for ten thousands of people belonging to these ethnics the were deportations, forced labour and malenykij robot.

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Roma meeting in Beregújfalu

A Roma meeting was held in our Diocese. This program was proposed by the Roma people in Beregújfalú. Istvan Kamaras a Hungarian intellectual of Gypsy,-who came with his wife - gave a presentation on the history of Gypsies and their appearance in the Carpathian Basin. The program was organized in the square near the church (this church was consecrated for two years ago).

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Commemorative Mass in the Uzhok Pass

A Commemorative Mass was presented in the Uzhok Pass on 15 September (feast day: Our Lady of Sorrows). Near the world war memorial (on the border of Lviv and Transcarpathia oblasts), the priests and the believers from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mukachevo commemorated about those Hungarian, Austrian and Russian soldiers who died here 100 years ago. They are buried in a common grave and the priests and believers pray for their spiritual salvation. The main celebrant of the Commemorative Mass was bishop Antal Majnek and its Holy Mass was organized for his initiative.

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